Original Whiting replacement parts

We offer only original Whiting replacement parts. Our practical experience has many times shown that labour is by far the most expensive part of the roll-up door maintenance and repair cost equation. The use of original parts will maximize the durability of the repairs.

A cheap part which doesn’t last or doesn’t do the job is still too expensive!

We invite you to consider the alternative original parts when offered. Without exception, they offer advantages which can be more cost-efficient for your needs.

Note also that all our balancers are custom-built following Whiting’s protocol to your specific door dimensions and age. We stock the vast majority of spring types and sizes for prompt service. Balancers are typically ready the same day!

A properly built balancer will cause the well-maintained door to go up and down evenly, with minimum effort on your part. A sure telltale sign of an improper balancer is a door which is very heavy at the bottom but must be pulled down with two hands from its full-open position…

Volume discounts are available by prior arrangements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are at your service.

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