Proactive maintenance of roll-up doors


  • To ensure optimal performance of the roll-up doors we maintain
  • To eliminate failures and other problems in daily operations
  • To eliminate ‘’down-time’’ related to maintenance and repair operations
  • To proactively communicate any latent issues or problems
  • To reduce waiting time for parts


  • Systematic bi-annual review of doors and correction of any problems
  • Exclusive use of Whiting original parts for repairs
  • All maintenance/repairs effected at your place of business according to units availability, so as to not interfere with normal operations (day, evening, week-end)
  • Maintenance of records for each unit, including the door technical drawing, that parts most susceptible to failure always be stocked
  • Fabrication of custom balancers following Whiting’s protocols, taking into account the dimensions and expected weight of the door at the time of repair, for a greater efficiency
  • Suggestions to customers on cost-efficient options when ordering roll-up doors
  • Inventory of most Whiting original replacement parts


  • 21 years of practical experience heading Fourgons Laberge, recognized for the quality and innovation of its products
  • Authorized Whiting Canada dealer and trainer


  • Review and repairs done by Bernard Laberge
  • Hourly cost 75.00$, if needed, assistant 40.00$.
  • Possibility of using your personnel as assistants.
  • No travelling charge for scheduled work in the Greater Montreal area
  • Travelling costs at 0.65$/km from Beauharnois, QC, for emergencies
  • Cost of parts as listed on the web site or as pre-established
  • 120 days warranty, parts and labour, on repairs