Bernard Laberge, president of Proactive Solutions inc., is committed to the company offering only the highest quality products and highly professional services in all its fields of activity.

Bernard Laberge was president of Fourgons Laberge from 1987 to 2008, when the commercial activities of the company were sold. Fourgons Laberge was recognized for its uniformly high standards of quality and the innovation of its products and services, including the Frio isothermic van body.

Proactive Solutions continues in the same spirit, offering innovative, cost-effective solutions in all its fields of activity.

Proactive Solutions regroups products and services in

  • Whiting roll-up doors
  • Commandlift remote electric door openers
  • Whiting swing doors
  • Amdor aluminium roll-up doors
  • Luma-bar LED lighting systems
  • PAC equipment mounting systems