Training session Maintenance and Repair of roll-up doors


  • To prevent failures and inadequate operation of doors
  • To reduce maintenance costs
  • To reduce workplace accidents and costs
  • To increase the drivers / customers’ satisfaction levels
  • To promote safe, efficient working methods and practices


  • To structure the door review and maintenance operations to ensure consistency and eliminate work duplications
  • To promote an integrated understanding of the door operation and the functions of individual components
  • To facilitate early problem identification and resolution methods
  • To provide problem documentation and follow-up tools
  • To present the repair processes, including steps, required tools and security aspects


  • Audio-visual presentation, roughly 1 ½ hour
  • Hands-on application on your equipment
  • Reference material is left with the participants
  • It is suggested to limit training to 6 people per session


  • 150.00$ per person, minimum four participants.
  • Group rates for several sessions are available on demand
  • Free technical support via telephone/e-mail for the 12 –month period following training